NewsTalk - Wasted Advertising Dollars

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I spent a small fortune (for me anyway) on radio advertising for my business on NewsTalk AM 1270 - WYXC in Cartersville, Georgia and I didn't get one single customer from it.They sold me on how many listeners they have and how great it would be, and it turned out to be all smoke and mirrors.

I began polling customers to my shop and asking them if they ever heard my radio spot and I never found a single person who had ever even listened to them. Most had never even heard of NewsTalk 1270. I complained and they gave some run around that 100 commercials in one months was not enough. A friend told me I should have asked for their Arbitron ratings, so Iasked them for it and come to find out it was zero.

They didn't even show up.

Warning to anyone who advertises on radio - ask for the arbitron numbers first and save yourself a bunch of money.Here is the station website:

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